Our Story

our story

It started with a two-month break from business school.

Stephen Liu, then a student at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School, travelled to [specific city] China. There, he met well-connected people who displayed the same drive for innovation and success in various high-profile industries. He noticed their transpacific migratory pattern: all accumulating frequent flyer miles between Asian cosmopolitans and the idea capitals of the United States.

Having already founded the Asian Professional Exchange (APEX), Stephen has learned of the correlation between connection and power. When driven, like-minded people connect as a community, no matter where they are in the globe, they could accomplish anything.

An idea sparked: What if there was an exclusive platform to know who’s in town, where to go and what to do? Stephen answers this question with Privy, a social dossier for people who make things happen. This digital network connects a group of accomplished and extraordinary individuals to enable their pursuits of business, pleasure, and philanthropy in Asia, the United States, and beyond.

Stephen Liu

Stephen Christopher Liu
CEO, Privy Groupe

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