About Privy

Privy is building a trusted community of accomplished and like-minded individuals who are part of an emerging generation of global influencers.

Our mission is simple—to empower relationships that matter and to inspire our generation to redefine what success looks like in business and in life. We believe what's good for business, should be good for the world.

We accomplish that mission through our private members’ club which hosts a social discovery network where members can share unique lifestyle information, coordinate roving itineraries, access luxury perks and lead meaningful discussions in a trusted and filtered environment. To ensure the site remains intimate and relevant, membership to Privy is "by invitation only" from a member with invitation privileges.

We also operate Privy Date (private matchmaking platform), Privy Magazine (luxury lifestyle magazine), Privy 5 Guide (online city guides) and Privy Causes(various philanthropic initiatives).

In 2013, Privy established and funded the National Asian Breast Cancer Initiative (NABCI), which is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to address the unique cultural, linguistic and biological challenges that Asian women face related to breast cancer.